That's a hoot, Nanny!

Margaret Cho on the Daily Beans podcast discussing sexual expression in The Time of COVID-19:

"There was a lot of young people doing a lot of pain play, but not with leather and not with chains or latex or anything like that, but with cactus.  Cactus!  All vegetable based BDSM!  This is the future!  Like, beyond BDSM!  Totally incredible.  I was like, wow, this is totally cruelty-free cruelty!  So . . . mind blowing!  So, this is like the new phase of what we're going into.  It's so imaginative."

Cruelty-free cruelty is SO important.

So, . . .

. . . he's not even alive anymore?


What'd he die of?

The whole damn thing, really.

The whole damn thing?

Yeah, he was just played out, used up.  Like a West Texas oil field before fracking.  If there was anything left, it wasn't worth goin' after.