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Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Just like I thought . . .

I finish with the lady over the phone about the student loan consolidation thing and she says, "Now all you need to do is sign the form and send it in.  We know you have a choice when you borrow bucks and we thank you for choosing . . ."

"Whoa, just a minute.  You filled it out.  How do I sign it and send it in?"

"You just download it from our web site.  Thanks again and have a nice . . ."

"No, no.  Just a second.  I have your web site up right now.  Where do I go to download the completed form?"

"Just go to Borrowers, then to Loan Activities, then to Consolidation Loan Center, then . . ."


"Can you hold just a moment?"


"Sir?  It seems you can't actually do that without a user name and password on our network.  I'll e-mail it to you.  Will that work?"

It seems I get of lot of that in conjunction with school.  "Just visit my web site.  It's on the course web site."  Often, if it's on the web site at all, it's so far down some mis-named rat hole that you might never find it.  And about half the time whatever you were asking about isn't there at all.  Did they mean to put it up and just forget?  Or is "It's on the web site" just current vernacular for "Bugger off, will you?  I'm busy and you're not very interesting."

So, I have taken to making people who tell me something is on a web site walk me down the rat hole personally and show me where it is.  Most times they'll do it, but reluctantly.  The whole time they're trying to shake me off by saying, "See the Current Students link?  Well, just click on that and then . . ."

"No you just click on that.  Show me."

Like I said, so far the score is about fifty-fifty.  Half the time the info is there, if a bit obfuscated.  The other half of the time it does not exist at all or is so dissociated from anything that has anything to do with the subject at hand that it's useless.

. . .

Gotta go mail my consolidation dookey.
Tags: compelling chronicle, rant

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