Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

I'm a graduate in my own mind . . .

. . . but, unfortunately, not in anyone else's just yet.

. . .

Good ol' Goo'rich laid off eight people today.  So I probably won't be going to work for them any time soon.  One guy was a tech I worked with there and have kept in touch with.  T and others have been complaining that they can't make their schedules because they have no techs to do the work.  So management's response was to lay off a couple of techs, among others.  Yes, friends, Corporate America is a puzzlement.

I wonder if these places don’t engage in what I’ve heard called “pension trimming.”  The Workplace of Tomorrow was blatant about it at first.  They’d just lay somebody off when they got close to owing them a pension.  Of course, they got their butts sued off.  So now they look for people who are a good five years, preferably a little more, from retirement who have been there a good number of years and would eventually be eligible for a pension and get rid of them before it’s blatantly obvious that that’s what they’re doing. <-- textbook example of a run-on sentence--I got it out of a textbook

Two people I know who worked there were “forced out” over infractions that could have been dealt with or even prevented entirely if the management had merely discussed the alleged infractions with the employee when they were first noticed.  But they let the situation build while keeping “dead man” files on the people.  They clearly did not want to correct their behavior; they wanted to get rid of them.  He had over 15 years with the company, she had 20 years, but they were both about seven years shy of any kind of retirement eligibility.  They both had very good performance reviews up to that point.  It wasn’t about their job performance.

But you never can tell.  One time Corporate told The Workplace of Tomorrow they had to get rid of 17 people and they pretty much just drew names out of a hat to make it appear totally non-discriminatory.  It made them look like idiots.  Some of the people they laid off were assigned to specific customers at Sandia who had specifically requested their services.  One guy had to be flown home from a DoE field training exercise to be fired, leaving the team in the field short one person.  There just ain’t no tellin’.

. . .

I keep forgetting I have three more weeks of school.  And they don’t quit assigning homework just because you’re about to graduate.

I gotta go.
Tags: compelling chronicle, rant

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