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Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

"If I'd known it was harmless, I would have killed it myself."

I rented A Scanner Darkly so that, by the time I totally succumb and end up buying it, I will have spent $50 on the film.  I thought it was pretty good when I saw it by accident in the theater, but it turns out that it's one of those you really need to see at least twice.  Or I do anyway.  It is a really good film based on an apparently really good book.  I didn't realize on first viewing that the main character was totally screwed from the outset, but he was.  I think that was part of what Phillip K. Dick was trying to impart in the story: regardless of what drama this guy thought he was living through, he was pickled from the beginning.  He just hadn't been put in a jar yet.  Anyway, it's even better than I thought it was.

. . .

I got rid of the hideous nearly-windowless shell I've been driving around with on the back of my truck since God knows when.  It was a molded ABS plastic job that had begun to crack in places.  One day last week I heard this scraping noise as I pulled up to a traffic light.  I didn't think much of it till the guy behind me started honking and flashing his lights at me.  I pulled into the nearest parking lot and found that the entire rear window assembly had fallen out of the back of the shell and was hanging by a piece of aluminum trim and dragging on the ground.  I ripped it the rest of the way off and put it in the back of the truck and set to figuring out what to do about it.

I finally decided to use some nearly-inevitable Christmas money and buy one of those behind-the-cab tool chest things.  I should have done that in the first place.  I need a place to lock up a few things that I don't particularly want to be riding around with in the cab--tools, gas can, spare clothes, etc.-- and this tool chest is about four hundred times more convenient for that.  The stupid shell would lock (sort of), but all the shit in the back would collect up at the front and, if you needed anything, you had to go in after it on your hands and knees--alright if you were in blue jeans, not so hot if you were dressed up to go somewhere.  And I can now see to back out of a parking space without using the mirrors, which I never really trusted anyway.

So that's sort of a breath of fresh air.  I think I will use the rest of the now-for-real Christmas money to replace the windshield that's been cracked for going on eleven years.  I mentioned to the guy at the truck accessories place that I had reservations about spending money on anything for my aging pickup truck and he said, "Hey, if you decide you don't want that truck anymore, you know where I work.  Let me be the first to make you an offer on it.  You don't find those things with the low-range four-wheel drive on the used market that often."  Well, that did it.  He made me want to keep it and fix it up enough to get another 100K out of it.

. . .

Work is kind of cool, if kind of frantic.  I've been drafted to work on a demo for one of our products that will involve controlling toy robot arms and such.  Neat-O, but . . .  The stupid thing has to be ready for a show in Nuremberg in February.  Chaos is sure to ensue, the only saving grace being that, by definition, it will be of finite duration.

. . .

OK.  As soon as the dryer finishes, it's bed time for Bonzo.
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