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Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

I joked with the lady about the "dollar movies" costing a dollar and an quarter . . .

. . . so she charged me two bucks!  That's right, two bucks!  All seriousness aside, though, what's the world coming to when the dollar movie costs two bucks?

What's funny is that Century 24 has eliminated matinées as such--they don't open till four--and and Highridge doesn't show anything starting after seven Sunday through Thursday because, they say, they're losing money on poorly attended showings.  But Movies 8 (the dollar movie) plugs along weekend after weekend, year after year, with about half-full houses most of the time.

How does that work?  Let's see, you put 100 people in a 200-seat theater and charge them $2 each.  That's $200.  Or you put six people in the same theater and charge them $9 each.  That's $54.  Hmmmmm . . .  Remember, all you have to do is start the projector--showing the movie to a full house or an empty one--the overhead's the same.  Hmmmmm . . .  It's the magic of Wal-Onomics, folks: VOLUME!*

So, if you can wait two months, you can see it practically for free.  And their refreshments are only, maybe, 20% less than the high-priced joints, and that's where movie places make whatever they make, or so I am told.  Maybe that's the deal:  The movie is a loss leader to get people in so that you can soak them for popcorn and Jujubees.  Hmmmmmm . . .

I'm starving and I can see to drive now, so . . .

. . .

*Not to be confused with Wally-Woof-Onomics.  There was a discount electronics place here years ago called West Coast Sound, but their mascot, if you will, on their TV commercials, which totally inundated the late-night airwaves (worse than car commercials), was called Wally Woofer (HI FOLKS, WALLY WOOFER HERE!.  YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS OUR FOURTH OF JULY BLOWOUT THIS WEEKEND ONLY . . .), but after a while everyone came to know the whole place, not just the stupid guy, as Wally Woofer:  "Where'd you get that massive 27" TV (it was that long ago), George?"  "Down at Wally Woofer.  They wuz havin' a sell on 'em last weekend, like they always is, so me 'n Madge, we pile the kids in the car 'n go on down ta Wally Woofer 'n ther she wuz!  Just like that!"

The long-lost point of which is:  Down at Wally Woofer they really did sell for less.  So much less that the other stereo and electronics dealers in town, one of whom I worked for at the time, couldn't figure out how he was making any money.  Sure, he was taking a boxcar-load of last year's models off of Panasonic's hands and getting rid of it for them, but still . . .  My boss said that Wally Woofer's business strategy was to, "lose money on every sale and make it up in volume."

"Well, ol' WW (as we come to call 'im) had 'issef one o' nem, what ya call, 'ddictive personalities.  After it become purddie durn obvious that losin' money on ever' sell 'n makin' it up in volume wunt workin', he figgered wuz cuz 'e aint done 'nuff o' it yet, so 'e did some more.  'N when 'at didn' work, he figgered 'e still ain't done enough, so 'e poured on nuh coal and did more 'n nat.  Well, what ol' WW didn' know wuz 'at the train, which he had goin' some ninie er a hunerd mile 'n hour by now, wuz headed straight over one o' them what ya call "fiscal precipices."  Yep, ol' Wally Woofer, after 'e ran a bunch o' other folk outta  bizness with 'is b'low-cost pricin', went an ran issef out da bidness just the same.  Oh, well.  Ah see where Circuit City's got them five-DVD changers fer less than Wal-Mart.  Less than damn Walt-Mart! How the hell they do it?"

. . .

Is the footnote longer than the post?  Good.  I'm outta here.
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