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He'p me, He'p me! I can't stop shopping!

There is a book available from Amazon called Six Feet Under: Better Living Through Death. The author is listed as "HBO", so I guess it's one of those "market tie-in" publications like the Star Wars or Star Trek books that come out after the movies.

When I saw it, the thought popped into my head out of nowhere that it would be a great marketing line for suicide. "Suicide: Better Living Through Death". Then the thought popped into my mind, "Oooh, that's really gross! How can you say that?" I didn't say it, it was just lying there. Well, you don't have to pick it up do you? If a pile of dog shit is "just lying there" do you pick it up? No. Well? Well what? Well put it down, for chrisake! Sorry.

. . .

Thought of another essential album I must have on CD. Michael Nesmith's Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma. It was supposed to be Nesmith's best shot at a "breakout" commercial pop album. The folk scene was, like, so OVER and he was having a hell of a time scraping the Monkee shit from his shoe so that the music biz would take him seriously as a musician. Well, if it had worked, someone besides he and I would have heard of it and, sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.

It's a corny album, but very entertaining. It makes me laugh, but I'm not sure it was supposed to. I get the strong impression that Nesmith couldn't keep a straight face long enough to record an album that would be taken seriously. Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma was the last I heard. He may have done so since, though from the sound of subsequent titles like From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing, I doubt it.

Tragically, it does not appear to be available except on used vinyl. Got that already. There is an 8-Track tape for auction somewhere. Good Lord, is it that old? I need to rig me a deal to transfer some stuff I have on vinyl to CD. It seems to be a complete crap shoot as far as what gets re-released on CD and what does not. I guess you can grow old hoping or take matters into your own hands.

My friend and I bootlegged a CD copy or two of an early Leo Kottke LP that we were sure would never be re-released only to have his brother send us a commercial CD of it that he found in a folk music shop in Fairbanks a couple of weeks later. Every last crumb of Kottke's catalog has since become available on CD. There just ain't no tellin'.
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