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Packing material . . .

It's a miracle!  The swallows are back!  Free rent, plentiful food, hassle-free child rearing.  Why, tell me why, do they keep coming back?  All I can figure is it's a miracle!

. . .

Well, as miraclulousity would have it, today I saw the antitheses of Snow Angels.  The theme of Smart People is, "Hey, we're smart people, right?  We can figure this out," which, if you stay for the still shots that the credits roll next to, apparently they did, shortly after the movie ended.  Now these movies are not in the same league.  Snow Angels is a hard-bitten slice-o-life with a heapin' helpin' o' death on the side (and a very well constructed movie to boot).  Smart People is a cutesie-poo chick flick.  Ellen Page was adorable (that's her job), but the writing was a few notches short of Juno, which I think it was aspiring to.

The only interesting part (if there was one) was that yesterday I saw a movie in which the characters were doomed because they were just too dammed dumb to figure it out, and today I saw one that basically said that you can figure it out if you think it out.  Oooooooweeeeeeoooooo.  It's The Twilight Zone all over again.

. . .

Ever notice how agenda driven music basically sucks?  By "agenda driven music" I mean school songs, many hymns, most national anthems and a goodly portion of the stuff written for musicals.  It's stuff written because someone thinks there ought to be song about this or that, not because they are actually inspired to write a song.  In the case of anthems and hymns, the song ends up being a demonstration of their fealty to their sense of fealty, a song about how they think they should feel.  In the case of musicals, the song is a time waster to drive home a story point that has already been made.  Yeah, there've been some decent ones, but mostly we're talking filler here.  Like eight out of the ten songs on most albums.  There again, a song was needed to occupy time and space, so they wrote a song.  Some might argue that a lot of the really great classical music was/is liturgical.  I would argue right back that folks like Bach and Vivaldi and Monteverdi were often hired to write liturgical pieces and that as often as not, when they had a commission due, they would trot out something they had been working on for a while and hang a liturgical label on it, "OK.  There's a Requiem for you.  You need a Gloria?  Let's see what I have stashed in the old harpsichord bench here."

That's a pointless rave, I know.  And not a new one, either.  I just needed to do something for ten more minutes--filler, as it were.
Tags: compelling chronicle, movie commentary, profundity extraordinaire

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