Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Sometimes she feels so sad . . .

Ever read Kottke's essay-ette on sadness?  Everyone should.

. . .

Rich?  Privileged?  You know what I had for breakfast this morning?  Crackers and cheese and quinine water; that's what!  And you call me a rich man!

But you could have dined with rich buggers and their wives on fine English tea and marmalade--if you'd got up before noon.  Right?

Well, . . . that's entirely possible.  But I shant have been less miserable!  I'm entitled to my misery, goddammit!  No matter what it does or does not cost.

. . .

Then the rain came down and fistulated our frijolés, rendering us corn dwellers for the remainder of that particular eternity, don't ya know.

. . .

Yes, they come for miles to witness my all-purpose prowess and, no, there's nothing I can do but wish them a fine journey.

. . .

So, what will it be: Angelina Jolie in Lips of Ginormity or the Sunday paper and a cup 'o yesterday's Joe?
Tags: brain fart, compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire

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