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Non-drowzy formula decongestant induced philosophogg...

There's a theory about art, that all art begins with lies. Without lies you couldn't paint, you couldn't write... Without lies there would be no man-made beauty on the planet. I tend to be lieve it.

---Leo Kottke

. . .

We will wonder what he may have kept of his unconditional right to secrecy. While at the same time burning with desire to know, to make known and to archive the very things he concealed forever. What did he conceal even beyond the the intention to conceal, beyond the intention to to lie or to perjure? We will always wonder what, sharing with compassion in this archive fever. What may have burned of his secret passions, of his correspondences or of his life; burned without him, without remains and without knowledge; without the least symptom and without even an ash?

---Jacques Derrida
Tags: compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire, wisdom enshrinement
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