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I don't know, maybe some market research?

I just heard an interesting thing on the radio. Apparently Microsoft had a $300 million ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates that was supposed to make Vista seem all down home tribal and all--to make it smell like home, as it were. I haven't seen any of the ads myself, but the story said that people's reaction to the ads has been roughly analogous to their reaction to Vista. Microsoft has pulled the campaign and, if you can believe the radio, is furiously at work on a replacement for Vista to be released in the spring. Personally, I'm trying to adapt and adapt to open source Linux software to avoid being eventually forced into Vista. Three people I've talked to in the last month said, "Oh, I don't know anything about Linux. I bought a Mac to keep from going Vista." No kidding, three different people in almost exactly those words.

Some stuff on the web, citing Microsoft officials, says that, yes there is a Vista release due in 2009, but it's only to add all of the wonderful features that they weren't able to include in the first release because they ran out of time.* It will be Vista as they always meant it to be. OK. I'm trying to imagine what they're going to add that will make me fall at their feet and beg them to take me back.

. . .

*That's one of my favorite concepts: that the product is done when the Gantt chart says it is done, regardless of whether it is complete or not. One place I worked had a catered ceremony to officially turn the hardware we had built over to the customer because, according to the schedule, it was finished. We all, including the customer's reps, knew that some of the product was still in production and some was still in test. None of it was, in fact, finished--and wouldn't be for months yet. We live in an alcoholic society. Even those of us who don't drink actual alcohol are so steeped in alcoholic behaviors (denial, for instance) that we might as well drink.
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