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Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

I thought I was brilliant, but I was just late.

All my adult life it has bugged me that every time you go up or down a paper size, from A to B or from D to C for example, the aspect ratio changes so that you can never really do a very good job of fitting a scaled down B-size print to an A-size piece of paper.  A lot of space gets wasted and you always end up looking at a smaller version of your drawing than you really need to.

So I had a revelation:  What if the length-to-width ratio of common paper sizes was always the square root of two to one?  That way if you put two sheets together long ways, the area would double but the aspect ratio wouldn't change.  Then . . . if you got your drawing area on your computer screen set to the same aspect ratio, it would be WYSIWYG for all eternity to come!

Well, you know those weird-ass Euro-sizes that every word processor and drawing program has for you to choose from?  The ones you never paid any attention to because they would be an even worse fit for your drawing?  Well, guess what.  That's exactly what those upity Euro elitist intelectual snob types did; the aspect ratios are the square root of two to one and each larger size is just two of the next smaller size side by side.

I have good ideas; I really do.  But I always have them after they have been in general use everywhere else on the planet for a couple of decades.

. . .

And, speaking of aspect ratios, I do not like the way you can barely find regular 4:3 monitors any more.  Widescreen, for computer monitors, simply sucks.  You can actually see less than you can with a regular monitor.  Why?  Because, if you are viewing a web page or a document, where is there more to see?  Way off to the side?  Guess again.  The rest of what there is it see is above or below what you're currently looking at.  Operating systems and display drivers adjust the width of the content to fill the width of the display.  So, if you have a display that is a lot wider than it is tall, you have the top of the page writ huge in spectacular resolution, but to to see anything else, you must scroll down.  You must always scroll down.  No matter what you are looking at you must always scroll down.

After Christmas, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a Dell 2007FP.  That's what we have at work.  They are not cheap.  They are $439 for a 20" monitor.  They are however the best flat screen monitor I have ever used--PERIODThey have fantastic resolution, if that's what you need, but more importantly, they have a paper-white screen that does not shimmer or shine or sparkle at you.  Its like looking at a page out of textbook or something.  I thought it strange (don't say anything, please) that a regular corporation would foot the bill for first class computer displays.  You can, after all, buy a 20" display for half what these cost, but we never do.  2007FPs is all we have--hundreds of them.  And, of course, they are 4:3 aspect ratio devices.  So, before they become extinct, I'm grabbin' me one.
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