May 6th, 2004


Circling the drain...

Compelling Chronicle:

T hit me up yesterday to go in with him on some PowerBall tickets because the jackpot is $170 million plus. He never plays the lottery until it get up around $200 million. I get a chuckle out of people who don't think it's worth a dollar for a shot at a $10 million prize, or anything under $100 million for that matter, but if it's over $100 million, well hell, that might just be worth chancing a couple of bucks on. I do tend not to be interested in prizes that are not "life changing". If I couldn't at least pay off the house with a jackpot, ehhhhh... I guess my standards are just lower.

I buy one ticket per drawing, myself, if I remember to. You can't win if you don't play, but I'm way too cheap to invest more than a buck or two a week. If you believe them, the state's share of the lottery proceeds go to finance college scholarships. I don't have any idea how much that is, but you can always tell yourself that you're supporting education. Probably, the less you know about the actual percentage that goes to education, the better.

I did win $100 once, $35 once, $28 a couple of times and $7 a few times. Have I recovered the $500-$600 that I've spent since they started PowerBall here? Nope. But I have done my part for education in The Land of Enchantment.

I finally split $20 worth of tickets with him, more than I would normally spend. We didn't win anything, not even a piddly prize. Oh well.

Let's do take-out...

Take-away phrase from Tuesday's Nova (I think):
"Nobody learns faster than someone who's being shot at."

. . .

Take-away phrase from yesterday's Thomas Frieman column:
Talking about how somebody else's welfare can become intertwined with your own --- "If someone owes you a thousand dollars, it's their problem. If someone owes you a million dollars, it's your problem."