August 22nd, 2004


Involuntary Tourist

Drove up to Pueblo, Colorado Friday to get Mom's car. Seems her gentleman friend was driving on their way to Denver and had some sort of disagreement with a light pole or something. So the car spent the last three weeks in a body shop in Pueblo. They rented a car and just kept going. An auto accident with no injuries is no excuse to miss a baseball game. Not for them.

Luckily, the body shop did a wonderful job on the car. It looked new and drove like a dream. I could just see trying to deal with some Complaints Department 330 miles away. Because of my evil job-hopping ways I have very little vacation to begin with and I really can't afford much more than a day off. The thought of having to drive up more than once was dreadful.

I don't know how Pueblo rates such a body shop. This place was huge with a bright modern lobby with antique Wild-West paraphernalia on the walls to study while you waited for the computer to poot out your bill. Pretty amazing and very fortunate.

. . .

Now I gotta go read about Happy Harry Truman and the A-Bomb so I can show my face in class tomorrow.