March 5th, 2005


Still can't quite believe it.

I have been sick for what? four days now? over the dismissal of T from The Workplace of Tomorrow (TWoT) and the sleazy way in which it was accomplished. It was politically motivated for sure, but you can't tell who was involved, because everything on the corporation's side is "confidential", including the identity of his accuser(s) and who was on the "separation committee". His immediate supervisor admits he was there, but says he cannot reveal the identity of other participants and says he had nothing to do with it until the decision was already made. He was out of town just before the incident and that part might be true.

The main part was the stunning (literally stunning) underhanded sleaze with which they gathered evidence of his alleged wrong doing. Some of our associates were in on this and said nothing. Now the management wants to know why we don't talk to them anymore. T was unaware that he was committing a transgression against the corporation and a single word to him would have started a dialog that would have cleared the whole thing up immediately and the "transgression" would never have occurred. But they had people sworn to secrecy observing him for months, compiling a "dead man file" on him (which, by the way, we have been assured, more than once, is not a practice employed by TWoT, "No sir, if we're unhappy with your performance, we'll come right out and tell you, get any issues cleared up lickity-split.")

The upshot of which is, having voiced my opinion of their business practices, I could be next. Losing the job is no big deal (I just e-mailed out a wad of resumes anyway), but if they set some kind of trap for you so that they can fire you "with cause", as they say, then you could end up with a black mark that might be hard to erase. I'm actually feeling like I should leave as quickly as possible so that I can say that I am leaving because their business practices are out of alignment with my sense of ethics and integrity - before they nail me for filling out an e-form incorrectly in a brazen attempt to defraud the accounting department out of a box of pencils to which I am not entitled.

I have got to chill. I have a final to study for and I have got to let this go for the time being and focus.