April 5th, 2005


So, how much longer does this last?

Well, the brakes have been released and the big surprise party is rolling down hill gathering speed. I hope I can jump out of the way in time.

I wanted to get The Range Cafe and have Auge and the girls play, but that ain't gonna work for reasons I'm not sure of. So we got a room at a semi-upscale pretty popular place in town and we's committed. I have to admit that Bro has done 95% of the footwork, but then it was his idea, too. And not having a job to go to every day is a real advantage. I get assigned one lousy phone call to make and I get to work and people start parading in and out of the office and come 5:30 I've forgotten to make my one lousy phone call.

Yes, folks, if it were left up to me there would be no parties or conventions or elections or anything like that. I'd forget to order the balloons for sure. The candidates would be driving themselves from town to town because I forgot to charter the plane. But, for better or for worse, there are people who eat that shit up. Hopefully none of them are reading this. Hey, I'm all about diversity, as long as nobody tries to divert me from my preassigned rut.

. . .

And we're out of cigarettes. Supposedly for the last time. Becoming a true non-smoker is one of my marketability ploys. I'm nearly a non-smoker anyway. I no longer smoke at work. At all. Not even at lunch or on breaks. I don't smoke my first cigarette till after 6:00 pm usually. But that doesn't mean the truck doesn't smell like an ashtray. Or the house, after a study session involving a pack of cigarettes and two pots of coffee. I apparently don't reek too badly, because if I mention smoking, most people say, "You? I didn't know you smoked." Not like some of the folks at work who you can smell coming and going up and down the hallways. So we'll see. Could this really be the end? To be stuck outside of Mobile with no cigarettes again. Ever? It sure wouldn't hurt the finances. Or the lungs.

I quit for seven years once. And for a few months a few times. I can go on a six day trip without cigarettes and not miss them. So why do I always come back to them? I enjoy the hell out of them, that's why. It may be time for temporary saintliness, though, in the interest of appearing employable.