April 17th, 2005


Ask your doctor if Sinu-Blast is right for you.

I've got some kind of a head cold. The worst part of it is that if I tell someone that, they invariably say, "Are you sure? You know it's allergy season. It could be allergies. It's probably allergies." Well, Ive had both folks, and this is a cold, but I'm not going to say that to anyone else because I've heard the "It's probably allergies" tape at least four times today and that's enough.

And then you get the "What are you taking for it?" pop-up. At least that one's interactive. The tape pauses at certain points and waits for you to emit an answer before going on. It makes no difference what your answer is, the tape is cued only by a sound being uttered. A dead squirrel falling out of the tree behind you would work just as well.

My answer is, "Not a goddam thing!" Every time I take an antihistamine, I get a sinus infection.

I should video tape this phenomenon, though. It's really weird how soaking in ad copy for decades has affected the lingo and paradigms of this great nation of ours.

. . .

Time to study for the mid-term before I can't.