March 20th, 2006


Just lucky, I guess.

As I was gathering up my shit to go to school today I heard this weird noise.  The dryer?  No, I just took the stuff out of there and turned it off.  The fridge?  God, I hope not.  It's never sounded like that before.  As I'm looking for the source of the noise, I notice that the top of the dryer is all misty and wet with rain (wet with rain, wet with rain, wet with . . .).  Yeah, just like that.

Turns out the water heater behind the door next to the dryer, which I knew I was going to have to deal with soon anyway, has sprung a leak and is literally spraying water out the side.  You can imagine my delight.

So I had to call the quick guys (translate: expensive guys) because the inlet valve was inoperative and I had to turn the water off at the street, which means no drinky, no flushy, no nuthin'.  It's looking like about a $900 thrill.  It actually hit in the middle.  I thought a new water heater, installed, would be about $500.  T thought more like $2000.

When Plumber Dude tried to wrench open the spigot, it came off in his hand, so he's got a makeshift drain stuck in the side while he eats lunch and waits for his cohort to deliver a new unit.

The really heart-wrenching part of the story is that this is the first day of school I've missed since I started on my bachelor's degree.  I've been noticeably late a couple of times, but I've never actually missed a class until now.  Is that significant?  No, just something extra to whine about in case the cost doesn't prove enough to whine about.

Actually I am very lucky that I was here when that thing popped.  I could have ended up with all kinds of water damage if it had sat there and spewed for three or four hours.  So, I don't get to whine about that.

. . .

And Comcast is winking on and off.  Quick!  Hit "Post entry" before it goes off again . . .