August 4th, 2007


Great Googlie Mooglie!

Thunder and lightning!  I should turn all of my appliances off and go lie down in the fetal position in the middle of the house away from wall sockets and water pipes, I know, but . . .  Actually, I only know one person who does that.  She also has comet insurance.  There's a golf course two streets over and I always figure if lightning's going to strike around here, it pretty much has to hit something on the golf course.  They have a lightning warning siren that usually goes off about 20 minutes into a thunderstorm of biblical proportions--after the rain is coming down in buckets and you can barely hear the siren over the rain and thunder.

Whoa!  That one was close!

. . .

Had a nice chat with Mussa and "Steve" in New Delhi, or wherever.  My Norton was having fits because it expired two weeks ago.  It would ask me if I wanted to go on-line and renew and I would say yes and it would chug away for twenty minutes then just seize up and start to drool on itself.  So, finally, I went to their web-site on purpose to renew and the order screen just hung after I entered all of my information.  It only occurred to me after I was told I could only use their customer service chat room with IE 5.5 or above that that was the problem all along:  Symantec can't deal with regular browsers.  But I didn't want to risk duplicating the order, so I played along.  It still took twenty minutes of uber-polite typing to get it unstuck.  Maybe I should have taken it as an opportunity to try McAfee or someone else.  Symantec has gotten morbidly obese over the years to the point where they can barely get out of their own way.  Oh, well.  I'm safe from the boogie man for another year.  Right?

. . .

Dear God, it's Pledge Month on PBS.  Again.  I can't do Pledge Month.  I don't have the attention span to sit through three or four minutes of regular TV commercials.  I've honest-to-god timed some of these these pledge breaks at over twelve minutes.  By then I've forgotten what's on and wandered off.

I guess I'll have to go to an actual movie or something.

. . .

Ah, a chorus of car alarms singing high sweet counterpoint to the thunderstorm.  Dogs barking, car alarms oogah-ing, thunder crashing, old farts whining (on PBS), all is right with the world.