December 30th, 2007


The feel good zombie movie of the year!

Yes, Fido is the heart warming story of a boy and his zombie.  It's a little bit of a one gag movie, but the gag is a big one and it can be spread pretty far without getting too thin.

I liked the homage to the venerable Lassie series in which Timmy is forever falling down a well and Lassie must run (Run Lassie!  Run!) for help and do the Charades pantomime thing (what's American Canine Sign language for "The idiot kid's in the well.  Again."?) until the adults get the message.  It's Timmy, yes Timmy, and he's in the what?  The water closet?  The Whataburger?  Wichita?  The well?  The well! Golly sakes, Lassie, where, girl?  Show us where!  In Fido the boy's name is indeed Timmy and Billy Connolly in full zombie regalia plays the Lassie role.  Funny, but if you cut Connolly's hair and dress him like a zombie, he looks almost respectable.  I'm used to his bearded Scottish troll persona.

And actually, Fido was the feel good movie of last year.  How did I miss it?  This town, I swear.  I'm movin' to New York just so I can see all the movies.  And, Googling "Billy Connolly" to find out how he spells his name, I found out that there was a sequel to Boondock Saints.  The sequel came out in 2004!  I have got to pay closer attention.

Ooops.  Well at least I feel better.  Googling reviews of the sequel, I find there actually was none.  Yet.  They're still workin' on it.  IMDB has been updated, but Billy Connolly's site--which is a hoot, by the way--has not.

Anyway, Fido is a thoroughly enjoyable family flick as long as kids hacking old dead ladies' heads off with a shovel (to keep them from coming back as zombies, you see) doesn't violate your notion a "family values."  The interment scenes, where the head of the deceased is buried separately in a coffin of its own (to keep him from coming back as a zombie, you see) are also something the entire family will enjoy.  And I will enjoy listening to you explain it to your kids.

. . .

There Will Be Blood is being billed as the twenty-first century's Citizen Kane.  When's it supposed to be out?  In the meantime, the Guild is having a Sergio Leone fest.  Tonight it's the theatrical premier of a cleaned up remastered dusted off 179 minute-long version of The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Do I dare?  Hmmmmm . . .  Three hours, huh?