August 12th, 2008


Drum it off, Baby, one time!

I have run on a bit about interesting percussion versus bump-thwack-bump-thwack-bump-thwack drumming.  If one was to want to be interested, one should check out Calexico.  They have perhaps the best living drummer on the planet.  Except maybe for the guy with Los Lobos.  Hmmmm . . .  I think we need to have a Drum-Off.

Late breaking news:

My memory stick is resting comfortably in Memphis tonight.  Is FedEx hubbing out of Memphis now?  Or is this just a piss stop on the way to Atlanta?  I know old Fred Smith revolutionized the package transportation industry with the mega-hub concept, but it kinda makes you wonder, don't it, how much JP4 we use flying everything to Atlanta first.  Including people in many instances.  Maybe they oughta make 'em a network like the internet and just fly your package to the next town over in a Cessna Caravan or a Bombardier Q100.  It could be all computerized and such and each package could have stickers on it that said which bin to put it in for the next leg of its journey.  And the plane that just came into Albuquerque from Farmington could just turn around and go back to Farmington with all of the stuff that landed in Albuquerque headed for points northwest of Albuquerque.  I once talked to the FedEx guy who flew their Caravan up to Farmington and back twice a day.  He loved the job.  Got to fly all day and eat dinner with his family at night.  Of course the stuff he fetched from Farmington headed for Santa Fe would be put on a 757 for Atlanta (or wherever) where it would be sorted overnight and then put on a DC10 back to Albuquerque in the morning.

Call it the Green-P (for package) Net.  You heard it here first, folks.