May 26th, 2009


Lord only knows why that is . . .

But you can get Speidel brand Swiss Army wristwatch bands for $2.99 ea plus shipping. They're actually marked $12.95 just like the one's used to be at Walgreen's. Shall I order four more for a total of twelve years worth of watch bands? Or should I pray that by then I'm dead or have better taste in wrist-wear? Hmmmmmm . . .

You know what's annoying?

The New Yorker quit putting those little postage paid subscription cards in every issue.  I know because I use them for bookmarks--for The New Yorker and everything else.  There were two loose ones and one stapled-in one in every issue.  See, you put the stripy postage paid thingy where you stopped reading: top of this page, bottom of this page, top of facing page, bottom of facing page.  That way, if nothing looks familiar, you only have to read a half page at the most to cover whatever you might have missed.

And I used them to dislodge bits of food from between my eye teeth and the ones next to them.

I thought the cards were annoying, but their absence is more so.