November 15th, 2009


And I lied about the mouse.

The Logitech roller-ball mouse that I just retired was not the one I had on Madison Street. I found the one I had on Madison, that I used to use with my AT--at the kitchen table because the Atari 520ST and Heathkit H89 were hogging the guest room. That one is squarish and wedgie, predating the rise of the Ergo-Nazis by close to a decade. The recently retired one was bought when I was stepping up to a 333MHz Pentium from a 33MHz 486 and wanted to keep both computers running and "network" them. I did network them, but I was never able to ascertain why, and I believe the crossover cable--which happened to be shielded--got chopped up for use in a guitar rewiring experiment.

As far as I know even the old wedgie mouse still works and I still think Logitech made a hell of a mouse. So there.