December 27th, 2009


Pandemonium at the movies this weekend.

I think Sherlock and Avatar took off more than they expected.  Rather than a "My god, we've got to see that movie immediately whether it's any good or not!" kinda deal like Twilight, these were more word-of-mouth: the more people saw them, the more people wanted to see them.  By Sunday afternoon they were selling out showings of Sherlock and Avatar and maxing out parking lots: not only could you not see the movie, you couldn't get within a block of the movie.  And then there were the parents in line with eight kids in tow to see the Chipmunks.  A perfect storm of movie mayhem.

For the record, I liked what they did with Sherlock Holmes.  The blue-blooded, coke-shooting, uber-British curmudgeon--as dear as it is to us all--has been done.  I especially liked the credits.  All movie credits should be done like that.  I can normally only stomach so much artsy-fartsy, but movie credits are one place where artsy-fartsy can actually add something positive to an otherwise mind-numbingly drab exercise.  Don't you think?

I saw Avatar one afternoon last week.  I thought it was impressive.  Not perfect, but impressive.  It's George-Lucas-level story telling at its '70s best--not the recent crap.  The 3D was better than I thought it would be, though it does make the whole thing into a diorama sort of experience that felt a little claustrophobic at times.  It didn't have the raw expanse of a blockbuster release seen on the 40 by 100 foot screen from the fourth row.  It would be cool to check it out at the IMAX just for giggles.