May 15th, 2012


That's what I said: Sleep O' de Dead!

"The first time that ever happened was with a girl I had three or four 'encounters' with.  She would come out here on vacation each year for a while and stay with a friend of hers who had been a girlfriend of mine.  She, the out-of town-friend, and I hit it off and we would spend a night or two together each time she showed up.  One particularly pleasant time, she and I had dinner at a very nice restaurant, came back to my place and shared a bottle of wine as we slow-danced to Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey album.  We went to bed slightly but not overly buzzed, made love and fell asleep in each other's arms.  That was eleven or so.  When we woke up, it was warm and the sheets were soaked with sweat and we were all stuck together where sweat had dried here and there.  It was almost ten in the morning.  As far as we could tell, neither of us had moved, not even an inch, for ten hours or more.  There was this strange sense of peace and of being completely rested like never before.  We showered and went for coffee saying practically nothing to each other.

"That's the first time I remember experiencing what I call The Sleep O' The Dead, this profound uninterrupted sleep that leaves you quiet inside for hours---days even, to a lesser degree.  That happens to Mouse and I moderately often, usually when we're particularly tired when we go to bed.  We wrap ourselves up in each other and utterly die to the rest of the world for several hours.  And when we wake up, there's no need to say anything.  Our minds are totally clear, but mostly blank.  Thoughts arise, but they never get verbalized; they are just noticed as they go by.  Sometimes we've made a game out of not saying anything to each other for a whole day.  We hang out and go places and eat together and stuff, but we don't say a word.  We took a weekend train trip a while back without saying a word to each other.  We cheated a little bit by directing comments and queries to other people, the ticket agent, a fellow passenger, whoever.  But we didn't actually speak to each other for two and a half days.  That's just being silly, but it's fun and sort of interesting.

"The really interesting thing is The Sleep O' The Dead.  What's going on there?  It's only ever happened to me when I was sleeping with one other person who happened to be someone I was unconditionally comfortable with.  Is that required?  Why doesn't it always happen?  Could it, if we knew how to make it?  Just curious."