June 24th, 2012


Shoot 'em up in outerspace

Remember James T. Kirk and Abraham Lincoln vs, Godzilla?  That's not science fiction.  That's what happens when you have completely fucking run out of sci-fi ideas.

"Prometheus" was very polished and professional, but basically two-hours-and-change of recycled ideas.  Cool monsters, suh-weet spaceships and crawlers and such and, of course, gorgeous women.  As formulas go, it's not a bad one---but it is one.

Let freedom ring!

More brain farts from the Workplace of the Day After Tomorrow:

“We call him Sepsis, for short.”

“Rastafarians are like Tibetan Buddhists and Christian Scientists: they may not make complete sense, but they are completely harmless.  They’ve got the front end of the Hippocratic Oath down cold (‘First, do no harm’), which is a lot more than you can say for a lot of others.”

We held a funeral for this knob, the one here in my pocket, and all of the people who attended think we buried it after the service, but the knob wasn’t in the coffin because I couldn’t find it just then.  Now I have to sneak out there tonight and dig it up and rebury it with the knob inside so that everyone will think that things were always as they now believe them to be.  Of course, if I don’t, I will be the only one who knows otherwise.  It won’t end up making any difference to anyone.  They will all believe the knob is in the coffin whether it is or isn’t.  See?  Some questions are better unasked.  A lot of questions are better unasked.”