April 15th, 2014


So, can you "unsquander" your life?

That's kind of what I meant to do when I "retired."  I really meant to use my last four or five years to unsquander the first sixty-odd years.  So far, so bad.  In two unrelated incidents I wrecked my truck and very nearly bled out from a tear in my stomach lining, leaving me very weak for several weeks.  Yes, folks, I was weak for weeks (bet you wish you'd thought of that one).  Who am I?  Where am I?  Oh, yeah, back to work.  Those fools with the pinger thingies found any wreckage yet?

See what I mean?

Carlotta Gall, an author and reporter who has spent many years writing about and reporting from Afghanistan and Pakistan, says that when you go out on a really important assignment in these dicey areas, you leave your cell phone, laptop and iPad---or whatever---back at the hotel or maybe in another city.  Technological doodads are a dictator's best friend.  If a tech savvy terrorist or police official (and there are many) captures your tech devices, they can extract all sorts of information about you and your recent whereabouts that you can't lie about or cover up.  Take a notebook and be prepared to lose that.