May 18th, 2014


Could we be on the very verge?

The first thing that must happen for the hallowed, if not legendary, RancorTone web site to rise again is to get some serious video happening on this machine so that we can see from what we have rendered.  I may have found a better driver for the video card, but failing that, we're just going to get a better video card and go with that.  Stand by for amazement!

The Pujibra Farx Imperative awaits and it will not be denied!

Whooptie damn dooptie is it?

Just blew a day getting the video resloution right on my damn linux machine.  And trashed the file system (again) by installing video drivers that rendered the machine unbootable.  This time I used rsync and an external hard drive to save everything before hand, so I'm only out time and grief.  It turns out there is a video diddler called xrandr that totally obviates the need for rebuilding the kernel to acquire new video resolutions.  If I had heard about it first, I would not be rebuilding the machine right now.  Oh well.  I've needed to take care of this for two years and I kinda finally did it.  Maybe.

Not withstanding its recent re-demotion, the Pujibra Farx Initiative is driving us ever onward if not upward.  It could be what finally rips the blue tarp from our eyes and makes us see.  Maybe.

I'm nothing if not noncommital.