August 3rd, 2015


Just hang up!

Who do you know, who you want to talk to, who owns and uses an automatic robotic telephone dialer?  Who robo-calls you who you give a shit about?  Who?

I'm talking about those damn things where you pick up the phone and there's nobody there until you say "Hello-oh!" about the third time and then it finally connects you with Steve in Mumbai who will walk you through your options for contributing to Americans for Not Killing Freedom-Loving Puppies (a wholely-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries).  There are some robo-calls that make sense, like reminders from the pharmacy or the doctor's office or the library or whoever else you actually have business with.  The difference is that these legit reminder calls don't make you wait for Steve in Mumbai to come on the line; they just say as soon as you pick the phone up, "Thank you for using Walgreen's.  Your prescription is ready for pickup at, . . ." blahbity, blah, blah, blah.

So as our two-year-long election process swings into high gear, reward silence with silence, let's just hang up on robo-callers.