September 23rd, 2015


The IoT Iot Rant.

I shat this upon Infants on Thrones' Comments area (and, yes, I'm prouder than I am loud at this moment despite its redundancy):

Actually, bar-code tattoos and subcutaneous chips are superfluous these days. They've done an end-around on the old “mark of the beast” prophesy.  Somebody (probably one of those hackers-gone-straight who's hacking for Jesus these days) figured out that if you don't tag or tattoo people but DO tag lit'rally everything else in the friggin' world, you can achieve the same end.  See, you don't have your social security number tattooed on your forehead or your wrist, but there is an RF ID tag sewn or laminated into everything you own or use.  The tags are now cheap enough to include in disposable items.  Each grain of salt in that round cardboard can of Morton Salt you bought at the store last week won't have its own individual RF ID tag, but the can will, and it will not only ID it as a 26 oz. container of table salt, it will ID it as a particular 26 oz. container of table salt; it will have a unique name.  In the multi-petabyte databases maintained by the NSA and others, that box of salt will be associated with the unique ID of the credit or debit card used to purchase it, as will the IDs of the gallon of Minute Maid Low Pulp Orange Juice From Concentrate, the four-pack of 9V batteries, the box of Rice-A-Roni and whatever else you bought.  This will happen ALL of the time.  Your BVDs, your wifebeater, your John Deere ball cap, your fuzzy-bunny bedroom slippers, will all have RF ID tags in them that will be associated with the cards that you or your loved ones used to buy them.  Together they will form a cloud of associative data that says You.  This vast associative network is coming to be known as the Internet of Things (A coincidence that it has the same initials as Infants on Thrones? You tell me.)  Once in a while, you'll go through an RF ID reader at a store or an airport or whatever and the IoT will get a read on a cloud of RF IDs that it can use to reinforce some associations and weaken others to better define You.  The point is that the IoT will have a very good idea of where you are and what you're doing ALWAYS, without ever having touched your physical body.  It will usher in The End Of Lies.  No one will be able to lie about anything ever again.

And if this weren't enough, facial recognition software is improving by leaps and bounds every year.  With good enough facial recognition software and a ubiquitous enough network of surveillance cameras you can do the equivalent of taking somebody's fingerprints from across the street—without their knowledge.  Cool, huh?

All I'm saying is that people who are apoplectic about being marked or tagged by “The Beast,” will find that the prophesy was a misdirection and the Beast got them anyway.  They'll also come to realize that The Last Days are only the beginning, but that's another story, hey.