March 25th, 2016


Gadot finally arrives!

Wait . . . how do you spell . . . Gadot?  Godot?

OK, so Samuel Becket misspelled Gadot and she turned out to be a gal---wondrous woman, Gal Gadot, that is.  My favorite part of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is the sepia tone photo of Wondre Woman and her compadres circa WWI that appears as a still shot two or three times in the film.  I hope I can find a good jpg of it somewhere.  The olny one I've come across so far has been so badly washed out for effect that it no longer has any effect.  It was not that washed out in the film and I'll rent the damn movie and lift the still myself if I have to.  It may be the only real art in the entire flick.

That's not entirely true.  The movie is just what they say: incredible effects and photography supported by OK acting, indeterminate writing and directing/editing that kind of forgets what it's doing off and on---wanders into a room and can't remember why.

Jesse Eisenberg is sort of "eh" as a kind of punk-ass Lex Luthor, but he doesn't approach the nailing of the concept "Psychopath" that Heath Ledger accomplished in The Dark Knight.  Amy Adams is a cutie-butt; that's her job and she does not leave it undone.  The Batplane is cooler than ever.  It's a comicbook movie, people, and maybe not the worst one ever---but certainly not the best.