April 14th, 2016


Capture the Gas, Baby!

I'm inaugurating a new campaign tomorrow.  Tomorrow is April 15th, inarguably the most evilest day of the year, but that has nothing to do with my campaign.  My campaign is titled "Capture the Gas!"  For the last few years this "blog," if you can call it that, has been a dedicated Brain Fart Reposit'ry, just a place to bottle up the poots and put a lid and a label on each one so that we'd have it if e'er we needed it.

Well, we are about to embark on a much larger natural gas reclamation project.  RancorTone.com, the fabulous RancorTone Engineering website is being repurposed as a natural gas collection, liquification and storage facility wherein puffs of noxious fumes emminating from my smoldering brain and later from my rotting corpse will be enshrined for posterity.  All the shit I thought was somehow cool will be named, noted and nailed to a virtual wall for all the honest world to feel.

Then, instead of leaving my estate to the Kiss My Puppy Foundation, or to the Doctor Philastus Hurlbut and Molly B. Denim Fund for Universal Expansion, it can be used to keep RancorTone.com on the air as long as possible.  If there was enough, RancorTone.com might even be perpetually endowed.  It only takes about $140 a year to keep it alive without maintenance.  And you wouldn't want to maintain it as anything but a shrine once I'm gone.  Wow.  I might just have found a reason to live!  To insure the perpetual endowment of RancorTone.com!  Hell, I might even perpetually endow this mess here that yer readin' as we speak.  I don't think it takes mor'n about $30 a year to keep it alive.  Then the story could be told goddammit!  From beginning to miserable, sloppy, disheveled, ass-dragging end.

First, let's shoot for a dividend of $200 per year.  Then we'll see how it goes.  Hmmmmm . . .