April 15th, 2016


Ok, so like here's a dill, hey . . .

rancortone.com hosting is currently $12.50/month. ($12.50) * (1.071875% current sales tax) * (12 months) = $160.78

Domain name registration is $20 * 1.071875 = $21.44

LJ paid account $19.99/year

So that's $202.21 per year for bare-bones immortality. I have a miserable CD at the credit union that yields 1.58%. So to finance $202.21 yearly, I would need $202.21 / 0.0158 = $12,798.00 in a similarly miserable CD. Let's say I had $20K stashed away. That would allow some bucks to accrue for administration expense and such.

I need boots-on-the-ground numbers for admin, setup and such. Right now, I'm shootin' to have $20K free and clear for this purpose when I croak. You know, what would be rilly, rilly cool and rilly, rilly smart is to set it up and let it run for a few years before I actually croak to make sure it can work. Hmmmm . . .

Farm out, as the kids say.