November 30th, 2016


Where have all the ninjas gone?

There once was a man
from limmerick. My mistake.
This is a haiku.
-------Nicholas J Johnson
. . .

Rather than I want to protect people from ever being upset or "triggered," I would like to make them strong and resilient enough to handle whatever comes along.  Make them as strong and wise and aware as the people who think they need to run interference for everybody.  Coddling wounded jellyfish is unsustainable; turn them into ninjas who can take care of them selves and others.

Remember that song by Paula Cole?  Something about where have all the cowboys gone?  I don't know if that was the title or just a line in it.  We need to do it over as "Where Have All the Ninjas Gone."  I became enamored of Paula Cole when she showed up at the Grammy's with hairy armpits.  Oh, the scandal!  I enjoyed it for the same reason that I enjoyed Janet Jackson's Boob O' Doom displayed at the what? The  2004 Super Bowl?  2005?  Just because it set all of the chickens in the yard cackling maniacally.  Nena the German pop star once showed up on some music show as a performer---I don't know if she got an award or what---but she had her signature German armpits and a sleeveless top.  Again, the barnyard was aroar with scandal and rumor of scandal.

Yeah, bring back the ninjas, for chrissake.  Bring back people who can look upon an unshaven female armpit without coming undone.