April 28th, 2017


On having been talked nerdily to . . .

. . . for the 155th time:

Dr. Strogatz is wrong.  Computer Science is NOT hot.  Are you kidding?  99.98% of "computer scientists" spend their days trying to get people's computers to print Word documents over the office LAN.  Computer scientists (I actually have a BS in Computer Science) are as bored as they are boring.  Even the important, complicated stuff, like testing the effectiveness of security firewalls and stuff, which takes skill and training and a deep understanding of how computer systems actually work, is mind numbing to be tasked with.

What you need is to find is someone in the 0.02% of computer scientists who are designing the next generation of killer multi-core processor chips or the graphics controllers that produce video the quality of 35mm film in real time.  Many of the most brilliant people in Computer Science are engaged in the study of and development of algorithms.  When we hit a wall, like we have already, and can't make individual processors go orders of magnitude faster than they used to anymore, the practical answer is to go parallel, to set many processors loose on the same problem at the same time.  The software/firmware, the algorithms, required to make this work are mind bogglingly complex.  That's the fun stuff, but very, very few people ever get to work on the “fun stuff.”

. . .

I know what Dr. Strogatz means about math being more than a language.  Math is a recipe or a blueprint in addition to being a language.  In my day, they would have called math the Tao, or the Way.  In this instance, it is the “way” the universe is constructed, not to imply that there was a constructor.  I know how desperately vital it is to devout Atheists that there never was a Constructor or any “intelligence” involved in the “arising,” shall we say, of the universe.  Think of it then as a crystallization, the “way” our world crystallized out of the hotter-than-white-hot plasma that was the universe shortly after the big bang.  Mathematicians study it and describe the universe as it appears and, very importantly, they discover and describe the relationships between the various parts of it.  Their description IS a language, but what they are describing is far beyond a language; it is the way that what is is.  The relationships described by Euler's number and pi and the trig functions and such things were there and operative long before they were discovered and they would still be there had they never been discovered .  Mathematicians reverse-engineer the universe, even the the purely theoretical mathematicians are discovering the Way what is is.

As we recklessly pursue the creation and husbandry of Artificial Intelligence, we will simultaneously discover that there is far more to intelligence than we thought, . . . and far less.  (oooooooweeeeeeeeoooooooo)

Living Dysyopia . . .

. . . and Loving It!  Life in Post Truth Trumpistan

I'm always looking for titles for my NYT best sellers, and this is a particularly catching one.  Watch for it:

Living Dystopia . . .
. . . and Loving It!
---Life In Post Truth Trumpistan---