June 23rd, 2017


Okay then I can be a creative too, then.

It might save me the trouble of having to actually be creative.  That's a damn pain, that is.

There was a jocular sequence in the movie Dean whereupin Dean, sort of half-assed job hunting, goes out to LA to meet with some "creatives" at like an ad agency, hey, though they can't call it that because that would be so yesterday.  They call themselves "experience crafters" or some such thing.  Part way through the interview, Dean excuses himself to "go get something" and never returns.

I loved the noun "creative" because it positively reeks of horseshit.  It's like people who use "leverage" as a verb.  As soon as you hear that, you know you're standing in a horse toilet.  People commandeer words and change their tenses and usage precisely because they don't know what they're talking about.

Then this morning I got an invitation to a function called "Cocktails with Creatives."  Dear lord, it's spreading.  If I want I can go hang out in a fern bar and bump buttocks with graphics designers, architects and artists in the hope that hanging with "creatives" will make me into one.  Ehhhhh . . .

I am now officially the Chief Creative at RancorTone Studios.  Tell your friends!