Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Tell me again . . .

. . . what's wrong with the US Postal Service?

I bought an emblem for my ancient Harmony amp from a guy in Kentucky on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox this morning   That's 3rd day service for three bucks, people.  With delivery on Saturday, no less.  UPS three day service would have been $12-15 to begin with.  If you really needed Saturday delivery (which, of course, I didn't--it just happened that way) it would probably be another thirty bucks.  I just don't think the old USPS does a bad job at all.  No one else could, or would even try to, do what they do for the price they do it.  I keep trying to get one of these these free-market types to drive a birthday card from Albuquerque to my brother in Salem, Oregon for 44 cents, but I get no takers.  Technically, they should do it for less than 44 cents, because, being privately owned, they are so much more efficient.  Yeah, right.

Actually the post office should quit Saturday delivery.  Nothing is guaranteed to arrive on Saturday, and that being the case, you could wait till Monday.  Government offices, doctor's offices, legal offices, financial institutions are all closed on Saturday.  So are many ordinary businesses.  What difference exactly is it going to make if you get your US News & World Report on Saturday or Monday?  It may not have arrived till Monday anyway.  How would you know?  And if it's truly crucial, which it's not--trust me, then hit the Walgreens and get one now.

What the USPS doesn't want to do is close the post offices on Saturday.  Having them open for part of the day on Saturday actually fills a need for people like me who live alone and work full time.  We need an odd day to go mail some odd shaped thing or to pick up stamps or that CD from Switzerland that needs a signature.  That is useful.  Saturday delivery, however,  is probably not useful enough to warrant the expense.
Tags: compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire, rant

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