Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

No, it's true . . .

. . . he wears pajamas on stage.  Shit, as far as I can tell he wears pajamas all the time, in or out of bed, except maybe in the shower.  And they're not Darin-from-Bewitched or Rob Petrie type pajamas, either.  They're those little kid pajamas with the more-or-less form-fitting bottoms and the pullover tops---more like a Leotard---not baggy at all.  I can't imagine where he gets them.  He's twenty years old, about five-ten, maybe a hundred and fifty pounds and he lives in pajamas I haven't seen since I was eight.  The kid across the street in my old neighborhood had pajamas like that.  They fit like a super hero costume.  In fact, I think you could get them in Superman, Mighty Mouse, etc. motifs.  His have no overarching character theme, just animals or firetrucks or playing cards or whatever.  Pajamas and army boots.  Worn out laceless army boots.

Under the lights, his PJ top will get soaked with sweat and when the guitar tech swaps out his red SG for the black one between songs, the road manager pulls his top off, towels him off a bit and puts a dry top on him.  The road manager guy gives him hand signals like you might with a little kid---"arms up," "arms out," "arms down," and so forth.  He acts like an idiot savant, but I think that's an act so that nobody will ever ask him to do anything but sing and play his guitar.  There's a certain advantage to being totally useless for any tasks except those you enjoy.  Shit, that could have been my shtick.  Too late now probably.
Tags: dream transcription

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