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Limit That Sunset One Time, Honey!

Cormack McCarthy writes grim despair like no one else I've ever read; witness The Road.  I just finished watching an HBO movie of a play, "The Sunset Limited," that he wrote that Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson played in (there are only two characters).  Tommy Lee Jones directed it.  It's very well done throughout, but the last fifteen minutes, more-or-less a soliloquy by Tommy Lee Jones, is the most compelling argument for suicide I have ever heard.  It's just really, really good---the writing and the acting, that is.  I've watched it about four times now.  I personally don't favor the idea of suicide because my feeling is that death is coming anyway; it's not like you're gonna miss it if you don't grab it now.  If one was in excruciating physical pain, it might be understandable.  Apparently, some people find themselves in emotional pain that they find absolutely unbearable.  Luckily, I've avoided that so far, so I can't speak to it.  Anyway, Tommy Lee Jones' soliloquy on why he wants to unceremoniously end it all does not make me want to end it all, but it does grab me by the brain and hold me there for a quarter of an hour.

Samuel L Jackson's "jailhouse story" is also excellent.  If you like good acting, directing and story telling, and don't get too bummed by truly dire content, this is a great movie.
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