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Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Seriously, . . .

. . . they wanted to name their four sons Glen, Gary, Glen and Ross after the Mamet play "Glengarry Glen Ross."  Early on, it was clear that naming two sons Glen was going to be dicey.  Not enough folks remembered Larry's "other brother Darryl" from the Newhart show or deeply appreciated the humour therein.  So Glen Too, as his parents called  him, was formally Wycliffe Glen Connor.  They hoped he would hate the name Wycliffe and go by Glen.  He, his friends and his brothers all ended up calling him Clyde or Clydie, which, of course, just totally trashed the whole concept.  He started calling himself "Clyde" because he adored the third Ronette, who he had heard somewhere was named Clydie.  The third Ronette, as he called her---there's no evidence that the Ronettes actually ever numbered themselves, was, in his mind, the best dancer in the group and one of the best dancers ever.  She danced with more understated panache and originality (his words) than anyone else he'd seen.  In his opinion, Veronica and Elaine sang the music, but Clydie got the music.  Turns out her real name was Nedra, but he wound up being Clyde just the same.  Is that shit random or what?  I ended up with a friend for life, though, when, after watching them (Team Sha La) rehearse some number or other, I told him that some of the moves he was doing reminded me of the Ronette on the right in some old videos I'd seen.  I didn't expect him to have ever heard of the Ronettes.  He went berserk, "Yeah!  The THIRD Ronette!  That's EXACTLY where I got that!  Isn't she AMAZING?"  Later he told me he liked me because I got stuff.  I didn't get everything, but I got some stuff that absolutely nobody else "got."

Ross was the only one who went by his given name.  He didn't like it or dislike it; he was just too busy being phenomenal to care what he was called.  "The Unnamed Phenomenon."  He'd like that.
Tags: dream transcription

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