Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Fine whines department . . .

It’s not that I’m bored with it.  Of course I’m bored with it; this stuff is positively mind numbing. All of my adult life up till now, though, even in school as a kid, I’ve been able to force myself to concentrate on mind-numbingly boring shit in order to muddle through, to pass a test or write a paper or enter a bunch of crap into a database or whatever.  Or, just as often, to sit on my hands and do absolutely nothing while some non-cog takes for fucking ever to finish (or fail to finish) something before we can move on.  The difference now is that I can’t care.  That’s right; I can’t care.  I want to, off and on, but I can’t.  I just can’t.  I start to feel bad about not caring, but that doesn’t last more than a minute or two before I can’t even care about not caring that I don’t care.

Tags: compelling chronicle

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