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The poop, the whole poop and nothing but the poop, s' he'p me, mama!

Compelling Chronicle Corroborating Data Enshrinement Area:

Man Allegedly Planned To Cause Explosion At VA Department

Manuel Medina went in front of a judge in federal court for the first time Friday.

The new revelations came via court documents released after Medina appeared before the judge and alleged he had a much bigger plan for violence and mayhem.

According to the court documents, Manuel Medina's prime target was the Department of Veteran's Affairs Office on the second floor of the Federal Building at Fifth and Gold.

The documents state that Medina intended to pour calcium carbide into a toilet to generate acetelyne gas. He then planned to ignite the gas, causing a fire or explosion as "a statement of unhappiness with the department."

The documents indicate Medina drove to the Federal Building and carried the chemical inside in a briefcase as far as first-floor security. When he spotted guards in the lobby area, he reportedly left.

Tom Breen is the No. 2 man at the VA Department. He said nearly 100 people work at there, so a bombing could have been bloody. He said there have been threats there before.

"This is the first time I've known of someone who's actually come prepared to do something like that," Breen said.

The documents indicate it was then that Medina went to the VA Medical Center's emergency room and caused a lockdown when he allegedly told employees of his intentions. Police later found one pound of the material in his car.

Medina answered a few questions in federal court, but said nothing about the charges, other than that he understood them. He will be back in court on Monday for detention and preliminary hearings.

Prosecutors said Medina faces the possibility of five to 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

. . .

I liked the exploding toilet part. Fond memories of Jr. High only, like, EXTREME.
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