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I have always wanted to install James Bond style weapons on my automobile, but for some reason I always thought they would be illegal.  Now I wonder.  If the Second Amendment really does allow us to keep and bear arms of any kind, including assault weapons of any magnitude or capacity, how does that God-given right not extend to my vehicle?  Why can I not mount a Vulcan 20mm cannon like they have on F16s on the roof of my vehicle.  If I “feel threatened” and feel I must “stand my ground,” why should I risk being outgunned by some gang bangin’ drug cartel member?  That’s what I wanna know.  Why am I not entitled to bear arms that would obliterate any other vehicle on the road in less than a second?  I would think that the right to bear arms would include the right to bear effective arms.  None of this bringing Skittles and iced tea to a gun fight stuff.  Come prepared.  Which means always come prepared.

See, there's a couple of very important concepts here:

1)  That, in taking up and bearing arms, you, in that instant, become a well-regulated militia in the eyes of God and therefore can do no wrong.

2)  That the God-given right to bear arms automatically confers the right to bear effective arms, meaning that if those who might cause you to feel threatened possess tank-killer Gatling guns, you, too, are entitled to possess tank-killer weapons of one kind or another.

Cool!  I can legally build and weaponize my own drone!
Tags: brain fart, rant

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