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Sometimes I feel like a prophet...

(Fairly) Current Events:

I have been obsessed lately with chronicling the various anonymous drunks in my life and the venues in which I encounter, observe and (god forbid) interact with them as well as our state pastime of drunk driving.

Well, in a spooky case of life imitating my LJ*, one of our main district judge type persons tried to run a DWI checkpoint this weekend and got... can you say: nailed? An anonymous source at the county detention center said that you could smell alcohol on him ten feet away when they booked him. And... there were white blotches on his dark clothes that tested positive for... you guessed it: cocaine. Whoa, tookies, as they say.

This, dear friends, is as sparkling an illustration as you're ever likely to find of why we will never have effective anti-drunk-driving policies. Ever. Because judges drive drunk, doctors drive drunk, accountants drive drunk, architects drive drunk, high school football coaches drive drunk, all God's chillen drive drunk. And, most importantly, state legislators drive drunk. As idiotic as these people have been known to behave, even they have the sense not to poop in their own bath water.

This particular guy is probably ruined because of the cocaine and resisting arrest. Had it been alcohol only, it would have been thirty days in celebrity rehab and right back on the bench. And... the only reason he'd get the rehab is because he's a judge and it would look bad to just turn him loose. And people would be watching. Usually nobody knows the perp and nobody's paying any attention to what happens to them so it's a $50 fine and time served, hopefully in time to hit the package store on the way home.

Just an observation.


*I don't really believe this; I just listen to too much Art Bell.
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