Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

For Robin:

I hated braces on my teeth when I was a kid.  I was very sensitive about them and it seemed like they lasted way longer than they were supposed to.  One day when I was 15 my mom picked me up at school and took me to the orthodontist to have them off.  When I got back to school, Richard Drake, who I had hung out with every day for two years, said, “Where were you at lunch?”  I smiled and said, “I went to get my braces off.”  He said, “You had braces?”

First I was pleased that my braces hadn't even been noticed.

Then I was disappointed that Richard hadn't noticed.  Hadn't he ever even looked at me?

Then I was concerned that being concerned about Richard noticing me or not was a bit gay and I'd better quit it.  Had I ever noticed him?  Not really.  I shook my head like a wet dog and went to class having turned a pleasant moment into a bad taste.  Mission accomplished.
Tags: compelling chronicle

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