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Mean it to me, Baby! Mean everything! Right now!

You can't leave stuff hangin'.  If you do, your meaning is meaningless.  I like the brick wall analogy.  If you're a scientific materialist, you believe that the universe was created in The Big Bang, but you can't explain where the Big Bang came from, what it was or how it was even possible.  If you're a religionist, you believe that God created the universe, but you can't explain where God came from.  In either case, you don't have to think back very far before you hit a brick wall.  Most people are perfectly happy with the brick wall.  Boiling their explanation down to "unexplainable" is good enough; the fact that neither "side" has explained anything doesn't bother them.

What I'm trying to convey is that the universe created by God and the one created by the Big Bang are both constructs, either of which can only rest on another construct.  For better or worse we, as a civilization, have already been there and have already discovered that building constructs for your constructs to rest upon results in "turtles all the way down."  It explains nothing and means less.  As far as reliance on constructs goes, we are at the end of the road and we know it.  So, we all camp there at the end of the road, each "camp" on it's respective "side" of what's left of the road, though where the road ends, there just isn't that much difference between the sides.  There, in the sort of natural cul de sac that forms between the end of the pavement and the brick wall, you no longer even have to cross the road to get to the other side, which explains all of the confused chickens.

Here you are at the end of constructs. Here you are at the end of meaning that relies on constructs. Can we jump to the the meaning that does not rely on constructs? Can we abandon constructs and save our precious meaning? Probably not. My best guess is that meaning itself is a construct that can only rest upon one or more other constructs. I'm afraid it all boils down to that tired old New Age phrase, “it means what it is.” We can tirelessly invent meaning for our meaning to stand on and more meaning for that meaning to stand on, but no matter the volume, duration or ferocity of our efforts, there will always be one last turtle flailing away madly as it tries to “tread space,” as it were, in an attempt to give credence and support to the whole of creation above it.

There is no meaning and there can't be any meaning. Think about that. There is great freedom in that. There is ultimate beyond-eternity-type freedom in that.

Film at eleven . . .
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