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In support of the IoT:

I don't personally know any of the IoT, but where I grew up you didn't say anything in front of your sister—or anyone else's sister—that you didn't want your parents to hear. And older sister, younger sister, it didn't matter. Girls are cut from the same cloth as grownups, and unless it's an honest-to-god emergency where you need somebody with a car and a telephone and maybe some blood-stopping expertise, you just keep your mouth shut and move on. If you do something a little bit dumb and things get away from you for a minute, if a girl or a grownup sees it, you'll be punished for all the shit that might have happened. Let's say you shoot off a bottle rocket that fizzles and lands in a neighbor's field and starts the dry weeds on fire. You know this is potentially a problem so you get over the fence as quick as you can and stomp out the fire. If no one with a vagina or a job saw you do this, you come back over the fence to your place and resume fooling with the fireworks you're not supposed to have. If the incident was witnessed by a girl or a grownup, you will be punished because the fire could have spread to the neighbor's chicken coup or to the edge of their property and into the National Forest. You'll be punished (maybe severely) for what could have happened. So you learn to keep your mouth shut. You learn that there are things you do in front of girls and grownups and things you don't. This applies even if you are, yourself, technically a grownup. A few years back a friend and I (in our forties) and his ten year-old son were standing out back of his house in the dark melting glass beer bottles on a bed of coals in a BBQ pit, having a great time and making a lot of noise. His wife finally came out and said, “What are you guys doing?” In unison, unrehearsed, I swear, we all three replied, “Nuthin'.” The overall sense was that of having been busted.

Anyway, I think this sort of pre-adolescent omertà creeps in and takes over when a bunch of guys are farting around with a project of some sort and it's as much of a social scene as anything professional. It's illogical, I know, because then you go and put it on the interwebs and your wife and mother and teenage daughters can all see and hear it if they want to. I'm just saying there's something primal here. And there are other podcasts with lots of women on. Let the IoT be the IoT!
Tags: brain fart, compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire, rant

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