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So far . . . - Hurtling Butt-First Through Time [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

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So far . . . [Sep. 16th, 2015|11:34 am]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)
[Tags|, ]

My main alias is Juror 259, though I was known for an afternoon as Juror 43, but they stripped me of that title when I was not chosen for that trial.

So, I'm thinking that Juror 259 should just be my alias, my "handle" as it were, from now on: Phremboticus Rex, aka Juror 259.  Whadya think?  I'm feeling positively nortorious, myself.

(Do people say "handle" anymore?  I might be giving myself away as a member of the Smokey and the Bandit generation.)