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And . . .

I hereby pronounce the Fender Sonoran the "One True Guitar."  I recently acquired one after having read all sorts of mixed reviews on the web and being told by a friend and fellow Sonoran owner that they are pretty good for the money (he thinks ouds are a pretty good idea, so that's where he's coming from).

Mine is Babyshit Green with a pearloid pickguard and binding that lie out there beyond Gross somewhere.  I have already ordered a new pickguard, but there is something eminently comfy and playable about it.  It needs a good setup, but hell you can't buy a $4,000 guitar these days that doesn't need a good setup.  I may have it Pleked, strictly as a science project, you see, not because a $300 guitar could possibly be worth a $150 Plek job.  I will also put a set of 6-in-line locking tuners that I have had lying around for four years on it.  And a sound hole pickup, and a blend pot between the Fishman and the magnetic, and a no-load tone control for the magnetic.  I think it will be the benficiary of a shit load of shit I've been wondering what to do with for a while.

But The One True Guitar, by definition, deserves this kind of devotion, don't you think?  I certainly do.

Fig. 12  Rare pre-transfiguration glimpse.
(How often in the history of most universes do you get one of those?)

(Is that pickguard an abortion or what?  The one pictured is not particularly defective.
They all look exactly like that right out of the box.)
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