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Thanks, Shawn, for a great discussion. It was very illuminating.

Yeah, if we could lose the Darth Vader audio mode, it would help. It's interesting, though, how much of a tradition bad audio is in the US. When I was four (in the fifties), my mom gave me money to treat my cousins to ice cream at the Sonic drive-in near their house. My uncle had to repeat our order about three times because the shitty audio over the three-inch speaker was unintelligible. A week ago, nearly sixty years later, I stopped at a Sonic for a Egg-A-Muffin wannabe and had to repeat my order no less than three times because the shitty audio over the three-inch speaker was unintelligible.

When Buddy Holly and The Crickets played Clovis High School in 1957, the sound over the gymnasium PA sucked mightily. When I saw The Dead Weather at the Sunshine Theater last year, I finally left because the sound sucked so mightily that I couldn't hear the band.

For some reason audio only gets worse. Art Bell used to hang up on people who called on cell phones because the audio was so poor. Now you can't talk to anyone who isn't calling on a shitty cell channel.

Anyway, yeah, the gurgling of Vader's last dying breath's is a bit distracting.
Tags: compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire, rant

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