Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

That was one of the weirdest conversations . . .

. . . I ever had.  I told the waitress I wanted the white gravy.  When she repeated the order she said, "And you want the brown gravy."  I said no I meant the light gravy.  To which she said, "Yeah, I got that, brown gravy," to which I replied, "No I want the the lighter gravy," thinking that maybe they didn't call it "white."  It is lighter in color than the gravy they call "brown;" I've seen it.  Finally she said, "Oh, you mean the white gravy, the chicken gravy?"  I said, "Yes I think that's it," but this goes on potatos that come with a pork chop so I'm only guessing that "chicken" gravy is the right stuff.  Then she says, "When you said easy gravy, I was sure you meant the brown."  No I never said "easy" anything.  I'm not real sure how that relates to gravy.  I've seen my mom make both and one never seemed significantly easier than the other.

I finally got what I asked for, for all it mattered.  I'm not sure that, in a blind taste test, I could tell Dupont Institutional White Gravy No. 9 in the five gallon can from Dow-Corning MIL-STD 781 Gravy, Brown in the 55-gallon drum.  Sometimes I order one, sometimes the other.  I think the waitress needs to pay a little more attention to the customer's actual spoken words and a little less to the voices in her head.
Tags: brain fart, compelling chronicle

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